Welcome to Hougie Crafts - The Home of the Hougie Board !!!

Trade Accounts

If you would like to register for a Trade Account then click on My Account and then Create an Account.  Enter your company name and Tax / VAT number if you have one (non UK, EU trade customers can purchase our products without paying UK VAT so long as they provide a verifiable VAT number).

Then it is VERY IMPORTANT to send us an email (using the email you have used to set up the account) requesting that you become a trade customer - this is because when you first register you will be set up as a Retail customer - we have to set you as a Trade customer once you have registered.

Credit / Debit Card Payments: It is very important that the billing address for your Hougie account is the same as the address for your credit / debit card - Otherwise your credit / debit card payment will fail.   If you need a different delivery address (e.g. your business address) then go to My Account, scroll down and click on Manage Addresses.  Then click on the button Add New Address.  Once you've done this you can set this address to be your Default Shipping Address by checking the box at the bottom of the add address form.  When you check out, ensure the billing information is correct, you ship to a different address and then select the correct delivery address (these default to the settings you've specified in Manage Addresses).  If you need additional delivery addresses you can add these on the Manage Addresses screen and select them from the drop down list when you come to check out.

Website Usage: As a Trade customer you will have a slightly different view of the website catalog.  Some items that are available to our Retail customers will not be available to Trade customers and vice versa.  All prices displayed on the website (whether for trade or retail) include VAT.

Minimum Order Quantities: Certain items such as the Hougie Board and Everyone Needs a Hougie have minimum order quantities.  Where these are set it is not possible to purchase lower quantities.

Shipping: Trade customers have a different shipping method because the package size is generally bigger.  Shipping methods, rates and order values that qualify for free shipping that apply to our Retail customers do not apply to our Trade Customers and vice versa.

Special Trade Only Offers: We will periodically be having Special Trade Only offers - we can inform you of these by you registering for our newletter - you do this in the account section after you've logged on or at the time of registering.

Trade Newsletter: As a registered Trade customer you can receive our Trade Only Newsletter informing you well in advance of the new and exciting products that Hougie Crafts will be releasing as well as our Special Trade Only Offers.  We'll also keep you informed of Trade and Retail Events, promotions and appearances on television which will boost your sales. 

Terms and Conditions: There are minor differences between the general Retail customer and Trade customer terms and conditions.  These are generally regarding shipping and you'll be informed of these when we approve your Trade customer registration.

Trader Downloads: Please check our posters which are available for download by clicking this link.
Hougie is here!

Thank for reading and we look forward to you becoming a Hougie Crafts Trade Customer.


Kay Rutter