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17th September 2011

Hi Kay,
I received my Hougie Board ordered Monday came Wednesday.wow wow wow.
This so brilliant I get the best ever crisp folds on my embossed 350gsm card stock.
I do wish I had not waited so long to buy this.I also have your book and looking forward to your new one.
I have found it so easy to use and have had no problems with glitter card or paper.
I  am practising different folds on copy paper which I am keeping for my own reference
which will save me time on decisions as I have a lot of cards to make like most of us.
I make cards for a local charity and the hospital..
A very big Thank You for such a good idea. It is my best friend can`t think how I managed without it.
Kind Regards.
Catherine x



21st August 2011

Kay, I can't thank you enough for the hougie board. I've just finished twenty gift bags to put cupcakes in . It would have taken me days if i didn't have the board, thankyou thankyou thankyou , i allways watch you on c&c for good tips . Keep doing what you are doing.

Ever gratefull



12th August 2011

Hi Kay, wondered if you just help me please, got the hougie board but reluctant to use it at the moment, when I did use it holding the embossing tool hurt my fingers, I have arthritus in my hands and have a job to hold it, any ideas that might help the pain please.
Watched you yesterday on C&C it was most valuable when you said that bigger bossomed ladies to use the board a bit on the side, I tried it last night and it worked. Wonderful idea. Many thanks


19th July 2011

Hi Kay,

I would just like to say what a marvellous crafting tool the Hougie Board is, I bought one on Saturday 16th July at Summer Crafting at Doncaster Racecourse, after months of watching you demonstrate it on C & C. I have done a couple of projects out of the book and found that it was so easy to use, and the book is fabulous very clear and precise, and shown in pictures as well as words. I can't quite get the sun card right but I am working on it and it won't beat me. I hope to get a lot more use out of the Hougie Board and thank you once again for a marvellous invention.

Sandra Walsh (avid crafter)


6th June 2011

"Just a few words to say ,thank you for the Hougie Board. I bought one two weeks ago and it has changed my cardmaking forever.  I had made ordinary shaped cards but never attempted any other shapes, as I have always been put off with the measuring, but alleluhah along came Hougie. My two grand-daughters aged 5 and 7 have even got it sussed, and they call it doing the Hougie Boogie, (and you turn it round) and that is what it's all about, so simple. Tell Kay that they call her the Hougie Boogie Lady, Thanks again, I am now going to have a look at the cards and papers. "

Lynne Andrews


2nd June 2011

Hi Kay

"hope you dont mind me emailing you, but I am so excited and pleased with my Hougie Board, and I wanted to share what I have done with it so far,so I have attached a picture. I use my Hougie every day and I honestly dont know how I managed without it as I am absolutely useless with centimetres. 
So thank you very much indeed for inventing the Hougie."
Hougie Note: The picture will be available shortly on the Gallery page.


29th May 2011 

"Hi Kay,

Firstly I would like to thank you for your spring card that you sent. It is beautiful. Where dd you get thos beautiful peel-offs? they are stunning. Next I would like to thank you for accepting me as a friend. Last but not least, just love my hougie board, and now wonder how I ever did without it in the past. I have the templates cd from MCS and the hougie makes life so easy when I have to score in specific place. A wonder craft room tool, and having great fun with everyone needs a hougie project book. You make folding etc so easy. Bless you. When you put your next project book together, will you have the waterfall cards in it, as I have such a game getting them right. "
Debbs in Telford xx


28th May 2011
Hi Kay,
"Just wanted to say thank you for the Hougie board. I bought it a while ago and didn't really know what to do with it but I watched you on Create and Craft the other day, ordered the book and away I have gone. My 6 year old daughter Molly is currently making a flower garden making rosette flowers (glad I saved all my scraps of paper now). Take care and keep up the good work."
Nicola Smith


18th May 2011 


"I just wanted to say thank you as my Hougie book and A4 card that I ordered on Sat evening has arrived already, what a great and efficient service and free postage.  It usually takes 6 or 7 days for most things to reach us and I always thought it was because we were North of Aberdeen, but obviously not.  I got the board from my local craft shop to support them and I'm so glad I ordered the book direct from you.  The book is fantastic with so many projects.

 Thanks so much"

Gillian Walker


28th June 2010


"What a superb piece of kit this Hougie board is. I cannot praise it high enough. Kay has invented the best board ever and it certainly compliments all the other scoring boards as this does what the others don't. This board is a MUST HAVE for every crafter who want STRAIGHT MEASUREMENTS ALL THE TIME.

I think Kay deserves an award for such a brilliant invention, and what a loveyt lady she is too, with such a terific sense of humour. Well done Kay."

alwayscrafting, Poole


24th June 2010

Great Invention  

"Really fantastic product good value for money. I was a little disapointed that it only had instructions for the stepper card. Maybe you could do an instruction sheet and sell that too."

kathyh, Wales


11th May 2010 

Hougie Board

"This is the best scoring aid ever, it makes all fancy scored card soooo easy. One tip just be careful not to press too hard with the tool, better to score twice than tear your project.

Highly recommend."

HJH57, Dundee


11th May 2010

One of the Essentials

"This is the most exciting product for a long while. It allows even the most inexperienced crafter to measure accurately for non-standard sized cards, matting and layering. The combination of both imperial and metric measure means that you can easily follow the US card patterns that are in many craft books. It was clearly invented by a crafter as they have understood the need for tapering the scoring edges of the boning tool. Well made product but I would request that in future editions, please add a method of storing the boning tool on/with the board. Marvellous great value product."

Anonymous, Midlands


20th April 2010

Sick of measuring?

"What a great invention. Thank you. This is my BEST SCORING BOARD EVER and it's great for ScrapBooking, adding straight lines for peel offs, diagonal borders, you name it, you have it, ideal for Imperial and Metric measurements. Ever since I got this Scoring Board, I never have to measure my cards. It's all done for you. Please try this, you'll never be disappointed. HOUGIE y're my best pal and y'll never part from me. BRAVO."

Dusky, France


Older posts

"Was at jo's shop on Saturday bought the HOUGIE board--- how have i managed without it for the past 5 years i have been crafting i can now do proper squares without throwing at least two attempts in the bin great product a big THANK YOU
plus the book is great too tried four of the differant style card and all have turned out brill----"




Hi Kay,

"Thank you so much for your quick response, and clear instructions.Can't wait for the booklet in Sept. Off to play some more now. I've already used it for matting and layering and I didn't need to measure anything.

Wow! that is a first for me. Thanks again."




Dear Kay

"I would just like to congratulate you Kay for designing such a useful tool for us crafters out there. I was fortunate to attend one of your workshops at Craftaganza in November 09 and was really impressed with your workshop.   I only saw this for the first time on Create and Craft this morning and was glued to the screen.    Needless to say I have made a few hints for one of these boards for my birthday next month - who knows.  Once again Well Done Kay and lets hope that this will be given an award  for the most innovative piece of crafting equipment for 2010, I will keep an eye out for somewhere to add my vote.  Fantastic"


Pam Lucioni


Dear Kay,

"I bought my Hougie board from you at Ally pally...I love it .....please check out my blog to see what I have made with it !!!


Kind Regards"



Hi Kay!

"I received my board yesterday .... and I can't leave it alone!!  It is everything you said it was on tv!   I'm already trying to think of new folding designs cos, as you said, the confidence needs a boost and your board gives it that boost!

Hope the site gets its Gallery up soon.

Many, many Thanks"

Margaret Beard



"My hougie board arrived from Creat & Craft a couple of days ago and I just wanted to thank you.
This is the best board I have ever bought. At first when you look at it you wonder how this can be such a help, but just play with it for a while and a whole new world opens up. This will never be put away."

VERa Sandford


Hi Kay
"We met at Hinckley and then the NEC.. I'm the small (blonde) excitable lady who has started with stampin up! 

It was my birthday on 21 april and there you were first thing on the tv... It was brilliant like a friend talking to me while I had my breakfast... a lovely start to the day :) 

I have used the a4 pocket card in a class it went down a treat.  Preparation was easy due to your scoreboard thank you so much for your time..

 All the best" 

Elizabeth X x



"Just received hougie and after one attempt have created a side step sheet. I have used this upside down in a card and am sending this as a pop-up surprise. Wonderful board - never been able to work out sizes before.
thank you so very much"

velia whichelo



"Do you have a cdrom or book,that shows all the different ways to make the cards and things that you showcased on create and craft.your board is amazing,it is the most used thing in my craft room.as an older person centimetres are a foreign language to me.ihave now started to sell my cards,confident that my matting and layering is accurate.thankyou for this brilliant invention. "

Diane Jones


Hi Kay ,

"I hope you don't mind me e-mailing you but I just had to say what a difference the Hougie board has made to my card making, I have been making the card you demonstrated on the create and craft online magazine and done variations on it, I have done them as wedding cards and put them in boxes I made to match they look great (at least I think so, hope I can sell them !!!) I hope you have a DVD out soon as I think your very inspiring, once again thank you. PS I am originally from the East End and we don't usually gush so this must be a compliment  ,ha ha"

Best wishes

Wendy Bunyan



"Just want to say I  was the very last person to buy the Hougie board at Newbury as they were just about to shut.

My friend had said to me before we went that i should buy one , Kay demonstrated it and I was still unsure but just as everyone was about to shut shop Ichanged my mind and  bought one And I am so glad that I did. The instructions have just arrived by e mail so I will get even more use out of it and even less housework done!

Thanks for a simple but effective product! and I won't have my maths teacher telling me how stupid I was ever again!!!"



Hi Kay,

"Just want to say thanks for bringing us the Hougie board.  I love matting and layering and making shaped cards but hate measuring.  My other pet hate is converting between inches and centimetres.  Your Hougie board is a dream come true and, as my crafting time is limited, the time I am saving is great"




Hi Kay
"Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you!!!!!
I first purchased this board, thinking it will help with one or two things, but oh my word, I am finding all sorts of things it will help me with, I love movement cards, and am always looking for the unusual in cards, and when I heard you say about braking the fibers of the card on both sides it all makes sense to me now and my cards are looking a lot more professional.
I think your instructions for the quickest stepper card ever are great, do you think you will be doing any more instructions like this for the board, either in book form or in the internet, this would be a must have for me for sure.
Good luck with all your future endeavours"

Best Regards


Hi Kay,

I just wanted to say thank you for coming up with your wonderful hougie board, it does exactly what you say it does, makes everything so easy, I have made a box for a non-standard card and for the first time it was so easy.  I couldn’t stop telling everyone how wonderful the board is.  I think it is possibly the best thing I have ever bought.


Ann Morton