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The Hougie Board from Hougie Crafts

At some time we have all said. “I’m no good at measuring” The truth is we can all measure. What we can’t do is measure accurately. HOUGIE can.

HOUGIE has all the measures done for you. Centimetres and 1/2 cm on one side and inches and 1/2 inches on the other.

So, if the project says score a line at 6cm, turn the board to the centimetre side and score. There’s no need to try and convert cm in to inches. They won’t go – no matter how hard you try.

HOUGIE measures accurately and right first time. With this knowledge comes confidence. With confidence comes speed. So you can now make more projects in the time you have.

Confidence is up, productivity is up and best of all - NO CRAFTERS FRUSTRATION !

What's the Hougie Trick?

To find out what the Hougie Trick is and how easy it is please click on this link.  What's the Hougie Trick?