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The Origin Craft Awards 2011

Origin Craft Award 2011 Hougie Crafts for the Hougie Board

We've Won an Award ! ! !

Hougie Crafts has won 1st Place in the Origin Craft Awards 2011 for the Most Innovative Product, The Hougie Board. 

On the night of the awards, Kay had spent a very busy day at the show and had gone back to her hotel room.  She later received a phone call saying The Hougie Board had come in 1st Place.  She couldn't believe it - when it sunk in that she had won she was so proud.

Kay is so pleased that the Houge Board has won this award and would like to thank Origin Crafts Awards and the people that nominated her.  Kay would also like to thank all her customers that have sent such lovely testimonials saying how pleased they are with their Hougie Board.