Welcome to Hougie Crafts - The Home of the Hougie Board !!!

Kay Rutter of Hougie Crafts - The inventor of the Hougie Board

Hi Crafters,

My name is Kay Rutter. Like a lot of you ladies – and gentlemen – I have been sticking and glueing from as far back as I can remember.

I set up Hougie Crafts in 2002. Back then it wasn’t so easy to buy scrapbooking products, or attend workshops. So I found some suppliers and toured around all the local craft fairs and church halls doing workshops. After 4 years touring, and building up regular workshops I was lucky enough to get a full time job in the papercraft industry. Then, in February 2009, I decided to take the plunge, and set up Hougie Crafts again, focusing on my own invention, “The Hougie Board”.

I had been sitting on the Hougie Board idea for 2 years, now it was time to take action !

Best Wishes and Happy Crafting !

Kay Rutter

Hougie Crafts