Welcome to Hougie Crafts - The Home of the Hougie Board !!!

What is a Hougie Board?

A Hougie Board is a really useful crafters tool for quickly and precisely adding creases to paper and card.

What units does a Hougie Board work in?

The Hougie Board works in both centimeters and inches.

How does the Hougie Board work?

Simply choose your measuring units in either centimeters or inches and turn the Hougie Board to the appropriate side.  Then place your card or paper on the Hougie Board and align to the side ridge.  Then select the groove required which is marked along the top of the Hougie Board and using the supplied Hougie Score Tool simply score down the required groove.  The result: A perfect score line, accurately done and parallel to the edge of the paper or card without measuring.

How did the Hougie Board get its name?

I’m always getting asked how I got the name Hougie Board. Well like a lot of you ladies and gentlemen I love dogs. Great Danes are my passion and so far I have rescued three.

One was called Ma-hougie. He was a giant of a Dane and the most loving and caring dog. Always there when you needed him. Never let you down.

Sadly he has now gone over rainbow bridge, but his name lives on in the Hougie board.

What's the Hougie Trick?

To find out what the Hougie Trick is and how easy it is please click on this link.  What's the Hougie Trick?