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So what is the Hougie Trick I hear you say? Well, it’s the simplest trick you can imagine.
Everyone can do it. It makes your card and paper folding so easy you will be asking yourself  why you haven’t been doing this before.




Place your card on the desired measuring side of your Hougie board.
Push your card up against the butt edge on the top and left hand side. Score your card at the required measure.
Remember when you score your line, go up and down a little and often so that you gently stretch the fibres. You will feel the score tool lock in to the channel.
I’ve highlighted the score lines.

Now the trick bit.

   the hougie trick. image 1.1


  Keeping the left hand side of the card to the left hand side of the board.  



Flip the card over north to south so that the top edge is now at the bottom and you can see your embossed lines from the
reverse side.

I’ve used a pen to highlight the score lines.
Push your card back up against the butt edges. Line the score tool up on top of the reverse of the score line you can now see.
Score down over the original score line 2 - 3 times. Again you will feel the score tool lock into the channel.

   the hougie trick. image 2.1


This is called the Hougie Trick!



Basically, what you are doing is gently stretching the fibres from both sides of the card. This makes the score line more flexible. So when you come to fold your card it will go whichever  way you want it to go. No more fighting with the card. Straight accurate score lines and folds that are right first time. When doing any project that involves a series of mountain and valley folds Hougie really is in his element. No more thinking about which line is a mountain fold and which is a valley. Just score all your lines. Do the Hougie trick and fold. You will find that all your folds will just “snap” into place.

This trick also reduces pain if you have manual dexterity issues.

When working with mirror, pearl or any of your “posh stuff” card, score slowly just in case your score tool slips on the shiny surface. The Hougie trick reduces the “ice” effect that you can get  when scoring a coated card.