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This page is devoted to the many Amazing Crafters that create the most beautiful cards, boxes, and inspirational craft ideas using the Hougie Board.  We'll give you updates in our newsletter when we add crafters to the list.  You can follow the links to the crafters pages and see their amazing work.

If you'd like to become a member of the design team then please send me a mail to info@hougiecrafts.co.uk

Ab Fab Design - Martine Smith

Hi, I'm Martine Smith and I have been a crafter for a few years. I work for Oyster Stamps as Shop Manager / Designer / Demonstrator.

Check out . . . abfabdesigns.blogspot.co.uk

Hi, I`m Sara and like my title suggests I am never happier than when I am covered in ink or glue and glitter and sitting at my craft desk. I have been a crafter for most of my adult life, my first love is stamping although I will try my hand at most crafts.

Welcome to my crafty hideout.  I'm Teresa Ewington & I've a big day job, big family, big hubby (think Hagrid!) and big heart. Oh yes, also big love of making things and teaching things. You're very welcome in my crazy life and crafty world :-)

Me ..... well I'm me.  (Ed.  well said, Lucy Gregg ! ! ! )